Please beware, vintages are subject to change.


Italian White - Northern Regions 

201    Due Uve (Bertani) Veneto 12.5% ¦ 2017

Blend of Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. A modern taking on a local blend, smooth delicate and versatile.


202    Pinot Grigio “Friuli Grave (Cabert) Veneto 12% ¦ 2018                               

Simple and refreshing, this opens with a light floral fragrance and a whiff of pear. The easy palate offers tart green apple and a citrus note alongside bright acidity.


203    Pinot Grigio ‘Valdadige’ (Santa Margherita) Trentino 12.5% ¦ 2017                         

Clean, fresh aromas and dry flavours on a crisp refreshing palate.


204    Gavi di Gavi Minaia (Nicola Bergaglio) Piedmont 13% ¦ 2017

From the center of Gavi, this is a clear winner and a classic appley Gavi.


205    Lugana Le Creete (Ottella) Veneto 13% ¦ 2017 

Produced in the south of Lake Garda, this is a very elegant wine with citrus and floral notes on a dry finish.


206    Sauvignon Collio (Marco Felluga) Veneto 13.5% ¦ 2017

Delicious, fresh, aromas of greengage plums, asparagus and freshy cut grass. Dry and slightly aromatic.


207    Pinot Grigio (Jermann) Venezia Giulia 13% ¦ 2017

From the hills on the border with Slovenia, this is a wine with more intensity and body than his cousins from Veneto.


208    Gavi di Gavi (La Scolca Bianco Secco) Piedmont 12% ¦ 2017 

The focal producer of this denomination, this is a famous and historical label, always good, clean, weighty and elegant.


209    Vintage Tunina (Jermann) Venezia Giulia 13.5% ¦ 2016

A superb blend of different grapes, which are vinified in small barrels. Rich, creamy and powerful.


Center Regions

210    Vernaccia di San Gimignano (Castello Montauto) San Gimignano 13% ¦ 2017

From the town of San Gimignano. Unoaked, crisp with hints of Almond. Dry Finish.


211    Roncaglia (Mancini) Pesaro 12.5% ¦ 2018 

Albanella (very rare) vinified, unoaked, from the shores of the Adriatic Sea, just few kilometres from Giorgio’s hometown.


212    Verdicchio Classico Plenio Reserva (Umani Ronchi) Marche 14% ¦ 2015

An example of a creamy, rich, slightly oaked Verdicchio from selected grapes. An Almondy and minerally finish.


213    Impero Blanc de Pinot Noir (Mancini) Pesaro 14% ¦ 2015 / 2016 

Impressive and distinctive wine, showing spice from the wood and bright red apple/peach aromas. Broad structure in the mouth, balanced and positive, with a herbal freshness.


214    Cervaro della Sala (Antinori) Umbria 12.5% ¦ 2016 

One of Italy’s finest, the wine is barrel aged and barrel fermented, creamy with a touch of tropical fruit and an elegant finish.


South Regions & Islands

215    Fiano Salento (Masseria Altemura) Puglia 13% ¦ 2017 

Straw-yellow with green tints. Intense nose with perfumes of dried flowers and Mediterranean plants. Fresh, clearly-delineated and savoury palate with lengthy exposure showing flavours of lime and cedar. Warm finish.


216    Chardonnay (Tormaresca) Puglia 12% ¦ 2018 

Clean, bright, unoaked chardonnay from two different vineyards, good value.


217    Falanghina del Sannio ‘Taburno’ (Ocone) Campania 13.5% ¦ 2016 

Modern wine, clean, broad, minerals with hints of apricot and hazelnut.


218    Vermentino Stellato (Pala') Sardinia 12.5% ¦ 2018 

Late picked grapes but fermented dry, this is a wine with hints of melon, pink grapefruit and wild herbs.


219    Greco di Tufo Devon (Cantine Antonio Caggiano) Campania 13.5% ¦ 2018 

From a valley close to the Vesuvio volcano, aromatic nose, seductively textured with a pure limey finish.


220    Chardonnay (Planeta) Sicily 14% ¦ 2017 

Big, board, rare, full of tropical fruit and toasted hazelnut.


French White

301    Pouilly-Fuissé Domaine Beranger (Georges Dubœuf) Burgundy 13% ¦ 2014 

Notes of lime, lemongrass and almonds on the nose, complemented by further nutty flavours on the palate. Round, ample and fruity, with a mineral finish.


302    Sancerre La Croix du Roy (Lucien Crochet) Loire Valley 13% ¦ 2017 

Ripe and pungent with complex fruit flavours of gooseberry and herbs, dry crisp and stony on the finish.


303    Chablis 1er Cru Fourchaume (J.M. Brocard) Burgundy 12.5% ¦ 2017 

An exotic nose of pineapple, mango and aniseed is followed by a harmonious palate with an added hint of honeyed fruit, and a refreshing mineral finish.


304    Meursault Vieilles Vignes (Vincent Girardin) Burgundy 13% ¦  2015

The complex nose displays flora, buttery, toasty notes and touches of ripeness, with the palate lifted by a minerality that brings purity and freshness.