Please beware, vintages are subject to change.

Italian White – Northern Regions

201    Masianco (Masi) Veneto 13% ¦ 2016          £32.50

Blend of Pinot Grigio and Verduzzo. Refreshing hints of citrus fruits and apricots on the nose. Flavours of ripe apples and a slight touch of honey. Long and dry on the finish.

202    Due Uve (Bertani) Veneto 12.5% ¦ 2017          £33.50

Blend of Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. A modern taking on a local blend, smooth delicate and versatile.

224    Pinot Grigio “Friuli Grave (Cabert) Veneto 12% ¦ 2017          £34.90

Simple and refreshing, this opens with a light floral fragrance and a whiff of pear. The easy palate offers tart green apple and a citrus note alongside bright acidity.

203    Pinot Grigio ‘Valdadige’ (Santa Margherita) Trentino 12.5% ¦ 2017  

Half Bottle £21.50 ¦ £39.90

Clean, fresh aromas and dry flavours on a crisp refreshing palate.

204    Gavi di Gavi Minaia (Nicola Bergaglio) Piedmont 12.5% ¦ 2016          £38.50

From the center of Gavi, this is a clear winner and a classic appley Gavi.

205    Lugana Le Creete (Ottella) Veneto 13% ¦ 2016          £45.00

Produced in the south of Lake Garda, this is a very elegant wine with citrus and floral notes on a dry finish.

206    Sauvignon Collio (Marco Felluga) Veneto 13.5% ¦ 2017          £41.00

Delicious, fresh, aromas of greengage plums, asparagus and freshy cut grass. Dry and slightly aromatic.

207    Pinot Grigio (Jermann) Venezia Giulia 13% ¦ 2017          £55.00

From the hills on the border with Slovenia, this is a wine with more intensity and body than his cousins from Veneto.

208    Gavi di Gavi (La Scolca Bianco Secco) Piedmont 12% ¦ 2016          £75.00

The focal producer of this denomination, this is a famous and historical label, always good, clean, weighty and elegant.

209    Vintage Tunina (Jermann) Venezia Giulia 13.5% ¦ 2016          £98.00

A superb blend of different grapes, which are vinified in small barrels. Rich, creamy and powerful.


Italian White – Center Regions 

210    Vernaccia di San Gimignano (Teruzzi & Puthod) San Gimignano 12.5% ¦ 2016 £34.50

From the town of San Gimignano. Unoaked, crisp with hints of Almond. Dry Finish.

211    Roncaglia (Mancini) Pesaro 13% ¦ 2016          £37.50

Albanella (very rare) vinified, unoaked, from the shores of the Adriatic Sea, just few kilometres from Giorgio’s hometown.

212    Pecorino Terre di Chieti ‘Vellodoro’ (Umani Ronchi) Abruzzo 12.5% ¦ 2017       £39.50

Nestled between sea and mountain, this vineyard produces a wine with hints of grass, and a touch of iodine aromas.

222    Il Famoso Grottino Marche Bianco (Bruscia) Marche 13.5% ¦ 2015          £39.50

Floral notes of rose and fruity scents of lychee. A great structure and acidity in the mouth, very persistent and delicately salty.

213    Verdicchio Classico Plenio Reserva (Umani Ronchi) Marche 14% ¦ 2015  £49.50

An example of a creamy, rich, slightly oaked Verdicchio from selected grapes. An Almondy and minerally finish.

223    Impero Blanc de Pinot Noir (Mancini) Pesaro 14% ¦ 2016          £75.00

Impressive and distinctive wine, showing spice from the wood and bright red apple/peach aromas. Broad structure in the mouth, balanced and positive, with a herbal freshness.

214    Cervaro della Sala (Antinori) Umbria 12.5% ¦ 2015          £99.00

One of Italy’s finest, the wine is barrel aged and barrel fermented, creamy with a touch of tropical fruit and an elegant finish.


Italian White – South Regions & Islands

215    Chardonnay (Tormaresca) Puglia 12.5% ¦ 2017          £33.50

Clean, bright, unoaked chardonnay from two different vineyards, good value.

216    Falanghina del Sannio ‘Taburno’ (Ocone) Campania 13.5% ¦ 2016          £39.50

Modern wine, clean, broad, minerals with hints of apricot and hazelnut.

217    Vermentino Stellato (Pala') Sardinia 14% ¦ 2016          £45.00

Late picked grapes but fermented dry, this is a wine with hints of melon, pink grapefruit and wild herbs.

218    Greco di Tufo Devon (Cantine Antonio Caggiano) Campania 13.5% ¦ 2017  £47.00

From a valley close to the Vesuvio volcano, aromatic nose, seductively textured with a pure limey finish.

219    Catarratto Antisa Tasca (Tenuta Regaleali) Sicily 12.5% ¦ 2015          £49.00

This wine is cultivated up to 900m in altitude to obtain its unique aroma with notes of pink grapefruit. Good acidity, especially malic acid, obtained by harvesting slightly early.

220    Chardonnay (Planeta) Sicily 14% ¦ 2016          £70.00

Big, board, rare, full of tropical fruit and toasted hazelnut.


French White

301    Pouilly-Fuissé Domaine Beranger (Georges Dubœuf) Burgundy 13% ¦ 2014  £65.00

Notes of lime, lemongrass and almonds on the nose, complemented by further nutty flavours on the palate. Round, ample and fruity, with a mineral finish.

302    Sancerre La Croix du Roy (Lucien Crochet) Loire Valley 13% ¦ 2016  £69.00

Ripe and pungent with complex fruit flavours of gooseberry and herbs, dry crisp and stony on the finish.

303    Chablis 1er Cru Fourchaume (J.M. Brocard) Burgundy 13% ¦ 2015  £75.00

An exotic nose of pineapple, mango and aniseed is followed by a harmonious palate with an added hint of honeyed fruit, and a refreshing mineral finish.

304    Meursault Vieilles Vignes (Vincent Girardin) Burgundy 13% ¦  2014  £99.00

The complex nose displays flora, buttery, toasty notes and touches of ripeness, with the palate lifted by a minerality that brings purity and freshness.