Giorgio at Leadenhall is uniquely situated in an ancient historic part of London known as Leadenhall Market.

This is part of the area around Monument that dates back to the early Roman settlement and the site of their Basilica and Forum.

Not much is recorded of the area through the Dark Ages but it re-emerges as the site of a Manor owned by Hugh Neville in 1309.

By 1411 it had developed into a central market area of London.

After being acquired by the famous Mayor Dick Whittington – Leadenhall became a noted centre of commerce. Country folk known as “strangers or foreigners” would come from the surrounding counties to sell their wares. These included wool and leather and sometime later cutlery.

By 1440 there was also a public granary, school and chapel.
A small part was burnt down during the Great Fire of London in 1666.

The Leadenhall Market area was then rebuilt with a covered structure and segmented for the different trades. It was rebuilt yet again in 1881 replacing the stone structure with the latest industrial techniques using wrought iron and glass.

Leadenhall Market was made a Grade 2 Listed building in 1971 and now boasts a Star status in London’s historical past and present.

Lastly, it was refurbished to its current glorious appearance in 1991.

Leadenhall has been used in many Hollywood feature films including Harry Potter. It is going to be part of the route for the 2012 Olympic Marathon.

Giorgio at Leadenhall is proud to be associated with this historic place. As the top ‘italian in Leadenhall”, we endeavour to make your Leadenhall restaurant experience worthy of the location.

So whether you are a business person or a tourist to our fair City, it will be our pleasure to make your visit even more memorable.